St. Andrew's Church Wimbledon, Herbert Road, London SW19 3SH

St. Andrew's Church

Herbert Road

Off Graham Road

Welcome to St. Andrew's church

St Andrew‘s church is a splendid Edwardian building, a bit hard to find but as with anything

that takes a little effort well worth it. Welcoming and with a congregation of all ages

including plenty of young people, we find it easier than some churches to let people explore their gifts.

The choral setting is penned by the ex-choir master and the vestments have been made by another

member of the congregation. We describe ourselves as a 'bespoke church'.

Our church barn dance for our patronal festival about to begin
Our awesome all age catering team getting food out at the (Morris )Barn Dance
The excellent band ( particularly excellent because nearly all Morris dancing tunes not jigs or reels)