65.3 immigrant workers very seriously. Without any hesitation,

65.3 million people worldwide have been by force displaced,
that’s roughly the size of France. The last decade has given the world the
largest number of displacement people since the second World War. Immigrant
workers can be the most defenseless members in the communities they live in due,
to the fact that many suffer from violations of their human rights. It is not
widely understood the contributions immigrants make to their host communities. Employment
linked immigration has grown ever since 2000 when migrants were mostly asylum
seekers, partners and refugees.

The United States of America takes the issue of
immigrant workers very seriously. Without any hesitation, USA is the most popular
place in the world for both illegal and legal migrants. It is estimated that around
20% of all migrants in the world are traveling to the united states for a
better living. There were around 11.3 million unauthorized immigrant workers
living in the country in 2015. These immigrants represented a total on 3.4% on
the population of the U.S. that year. However, the United States does not allow
unauthorized immigrant workers entering the country. Migrant workers push the
wages down in many cases. Immigrant workers represent more people buying,
working and creating economic value by boosting the economic growth.

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Most crimes in the U.S. are being
committed by immigrants which is why the security and laws have become so strict
in the past few years. People join ranks of illegally remaining in the United
states after their temporary visitor or business permits expire and then finding
a way across the Mexican border. Incidents like this influence conservatives that
the federal government should start worrying more about the people who misuse
their temporary legal status.

President Trump has recently announced his willingness
to allow approximately 800,000 children who were brought to the United States
illegally, also known as “dreamers”. The President has also made thought of
cutting quotas for legal immigration and dividing it to prioritize the arrival of
the workers with high skills. Some claim that immigration stages are increasingly
vital to the evolution of America, and that current entrances are more highly skilled
than ever before.