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India, the world’s largest malt-based drinks market, accounts for 22% of the world’s retail volume sales. These drinks are traditionally consumed as milk substitutes and marketed as a nutritious drink, mainly consumed by the old, the young and the sick.The Health Food Drinks category consists of white drinks and brown drinks. South and East India are large markets for these drinks, accounting for the largest proportion of all India sales. The total market is placed at about 90,000 ton and is estimated to be growing at about 4%. These Malt beverages, though, are still an urban phenomenon.Customers’ Behavior in Health Food Drink Product CategoryDHARMESH MOTWANI*, KHUSHBU AGARWAL**Over the last decade the health consciousness of consumers has become an important factor driving the agri-food market. Healthier food products have entered the global markets with force in the past years and rapidly gained market share. Various studies have concluded that better understanding of consumer perception of healthy foods and its determinants are key success factors for market orientation and development and for successfully negotiating market opportunities. The basic purpose of this research paper is to identify the influence of various factors on the buying decision of customers. Paper also attempts to determine the awareness level & loyalty status of consumers. To develop the conclusions exploratory & descriptive research designs are used. Primary data is collected with the help of questionnaire method & data is analyzed with the help of various statistical techniques. Conclusions of this paper help in clarifying the changing customer behavior in health food drink product industry. Keywords : Customer Behavior, Satisfaction, Health Food Drink.White drinks account for almost two-thirds of the market. GSK Consumer Healthcare is the market leader in the white malt beverages category with a 60.7% overall market share. Heinz’s Complan comes in second (in this segment, third overall) with a market share of 12-13%. Market leader GSK also owns other brands such as Boost, Maltova and Viva.Currently, brown drinks (which are cocoa-based) continue to grow at the expense of white drinks like Horlicks and Complan. The share of brown drinks has increased from about 32% to 35% over the last five years. Cadbury’s Bournvita is the leader in the brown drink segment with a market share of around 17%. Other significant players are Nestlé’s Milo and GCMMF’s Nutramul.Major players in the market • Cadbury Bournvita •   Complan • Boost •   Horlicks • Nestle Milo