ProWorkflow projects and work. The word Asana means

ProWorkflow Software:

and History

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Proworkflow software was founded by Mr Julian Stone.
He has his career background in all
Information Technology related fields such as graphic design, 3d animation, ad
agencies, video editing, print media and other creative pursuits. He worked for
15 years in this sector and have a vast experience and overview of creative
service industries. In 2003 ProActive Software Limited acquired Proworkflow, as
the web world developed their preferred method of supply changed from only
download method to software as a service (SaaS). Proworkflow software has
helped many businesses from different industries in their operations support of
project management. Proworkflow have their head office in Auckland, New

includes all the project management tools of a traditional software such as task
management, resource management, spreadsheets, timeline, notifications,
messaging feature and file sharing. The dashboard features share the ongoing
tasks and projections of the ongoing project.  (Proworkflow, company profile, n. d)

Proworkflow has different pricing models

Starting with the basic model is $10 NZD per month per user, which
is ideal for freelancers which includes 5gb of storage facilities, in which
only 10 projects are allowed.

The second plan is $20 NZD per month, more than 1 user can use it,
which is ideal for professionals which includes 25gb of storage facilities, in
which unlimited projects allowed.

The advanced plan is $30 NZD per month, more than 5 users can use
it, which is ideal for large enterprise which includes 50gb of file space, and unlimited
projects are allowed.

All the plans include the following key features:

Free training and support.

Backups and security. (Data is secured with 128bit encryption in
SAS70 type 2) complaint data centres.

Timesheet – It helps all the employees to record the in and out
time and their total hours of work.

Quotes Manager-This feature helps to handle all quotes given to



Asana is a web based application designed for teams to track their
projects and work. The word Asana means “Yoga” pose in Sanskrit language. The
company was founded by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein in 2008. The
company got its first round of funding in 2011 which was $1.2 million USD,
followed by series A funding of $9 million USD in late November. According to
New York times article the company had the potential of valuation around $280
million USD.


Some of the major clients of Asana includes Airbnb, Uber, Tesla
Motors, Harvard University, Red bull, General Electric and Samsung.


In May 2013, Asana launched Organizations, which enables companies
to adopt Asana at enterprise scale. Organizations added an Asana Team Browser,
a user dashboard, employee auto-join and IT administration abilities related to
provisioning and permissions.

In January 2015, Asana released its native Android app. In
November 2017, Asana released the app in French and German.  (Asana, Company profile, n. d)


Asana has different pricing models:


The basic version of the software is free, it is for teams who are
just getting started for their projects, the free trial version has very
limited access to all the facilities. The free features include unlimited
projects, tasks and conversations.


The premium version of the software is $ 10 USD, the features
includes no team member limits, unlimited dashboards, custom fields, task
dependencies and priority support, this version is mostly used by small scale


The most advanced version which can be customized is the
Enterprise version it has data control, member settings, cross regional backups
and custom branding. It is the most advanced version which can be made
according to client needs.


The key distinguishing features of Asana software

·       Cross Regional

·       Customized

·       Member
Settings and advanced Admin Controls.




The chief executive officer of Smartsheet is Mark Mader. He is a
dual citizen of Germany and United States and has spent considerable time
living and working abroad making every attempt to Globalize what Smartsheet
provides. Before starting Smartsheet,
Mark was a senior vice president of global services for Onyx Software, leading
the consulting and customer operations teams in the United States, Europe, and
Asia. In 2015, he was recognized as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year
in Technology for the Pacific Northwest. He always aims at delivering excellent
customer service to various Organizations that’s when Smartsheet came into

(Smartsheet, Company
profile, n. d)


There are 3 different pricing models which are individual model,
team model and business model in this software.


Individual model which is of $14 USD per user per month which
includes free email support and 10 spread sheets for working and Organizing

The second is team model which is of $15 USD per user per month,
minimum 3 connections to be purchased which has unlimited support of spread
sheets and data reporting formats.

The third is the business model is of $25 USD per user per month, in
which minimum 3 connections has to be purchased with unlimited sheets support,
unlimited reports, 50gb storage of data and advanced security features.


The key distinguishing features are

·       Automated

Pre-set rules are triggered
for updating of tasks and reports.

Cross-project dependencies,
hierarchy, milestones, percentage complete, custom fields, critical path and
filters are its additional features.



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