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The first meeting in Australian history where key administrative of Aboriginal affairs gathered, was held in the April of 1937 in Cranberry.1 In this meeting, the link between half cast and removal was most clearly reviled.  His words “Are we going to have a population of 1 million blacks in the Commonwealth, or are we going to merge them into our white community and eventually forget that there were any Aborigines in Australia?” He believed he was doing what was best for part-Aboriginal children and total absorption Aboriginal into the white.2

When Neville has been informed about three half cast girls. With the bold stamp on the papers, he orders Constable Riggs (Jason Clarke) to remove them from their mothers. Policemen throw the girls into the back seat and via the rear window of a car, they watched as their mother hurl herself on the ground and grandmother beat her head with a rock.

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The girls were transported to the north of Perth the Moore River Native Settlement in Western Australia, a camp for mixed-race Aboriginal children. Speaking in their native tongue was banned in the settlement. Molly can speak two languages and she purposely chooses to speak in own language and told stop “jabbering”-“we don’t talk that jabber, we talk English”.

In the movie is also mentioned Sister Kate in the scene “fair one”, when three girls have already been caught and setting with bare feet, dressed in a grey dress while the chief inspector of aborigines Neville was nicely dressed in a suit and white shirt with tie sitting on a bench and listening to the song “Swannee River” sung by a small group of half cast aborigines in front of church. Nina explains that “fair ones” are “cleverer than us”.  Sister Kate is Kate Clutterbuck, who closely worked with A.O.Neville. She established institutions for light-skinned “quarter cast” children in East Perth. Children who were “almost white’ were brought to Sister Kate’s institutions because they have the best chances successful assimilation into white European.3 According to the government shame the lighter-skinned children to marry with each other, blackness in course of time could be bred out of them.

When Molly’s name read out she unwillingly stands up and slowly, with deep breathing walking up to “Mr Devil”. The camera is framing from Molly’s perspective as if it were her eyes. The centre of activity is Molly who sees him from the bottom. He leans to him with smiling face says “I know it is all very strange but after a few days you will feel quite at home here “. Molly’s skin is checked and she will not be sent to Sister Kate’s school.

After seeing that escaped girl returned by aboriginal tracker, who works for the school, is beaten and locked in a shed.

During the night Molly thinking how these people make her sick.  She wants to go home, dreams of the spirit bird that her mother told her would always guide her. When she sees growling rain clouds on the horizon next morning and makes her decision.

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