Written performances/artist views act as an eye opener,

report for community arts.



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is community arts? Community arts, is where performance or ‘arts’ are used to
bring a community together (parades, circus’). 
For example, a community can be brought together by and educating
performance or even a performance for pure entertainment.  The practitioner Augusto Boal brought the
community together by hiring local prostitutes and local gang members, as a way
of bringing the community together. 
Augusto Boal’s idea is a perfect example of how community arts work.                     Community arts is mainly used
in economically disadvantaged countries, this is so they can show the concerns
that rotate around the community e.g. poverty. 
The performances/artist views act as an eye opener, so that these things
can be altered to better the people who are involved with these problems.                      These performances/
artistic happenings take place in the local area for example, where I live we
have a community centre (village hall) where all community debates/ coffee
mornings/ performances happen.

Main body

Whitwell players are an amateur theatre group based at Whitwell’s community
centre.  They were founded in 1984.  ‘Our mission is to perform high-quality live
entertainment at a reasonable cost to provide financial support to worthy
causes within our community.’ (1)  They
raise money to make the community better including the school and local
problems.     They perform all plays at the Whitwell community centre so it’s
easy for local people to get and watch the plays, but they also welcome people
from the surrounding villages and towns. 
They have 3 performances a year, in spring autumn and winterWhitwell
players rehearse once a week for at least 1 hour, as their performances get
closer they rehearse more frequently and for longer periods of time.  As a young girl I was part of Whitwell
players, I was going through a rough time in school and being there with a safe
environment and a little part of our community which in time became a small
family, helped me through my tough time. 
                    They sing,
dance and act to entertain all age group. 
They have performed plays such as Beauty and the Beast (a childes story)
to benefit an audience from ages 3+-15, whereas they have performed older plays
such as Oliver Twist for an older generation, as they understand the story and
possibly grew up with the musical.

In 2016
The Whitwell Players performed Up Pompeii, Up Pompeii is about slavery in
ancient times. It’s set pre-explosion of the Pompeii volcano. This play
educates people on slavery and history, people can enjoy what they are watching
with it’s comedy setting whilst getting an insight of slavey and what ancient
Pompeii life was like. When the group are creating these peices or when they
are performing, they connect with eachother and most importantly they are
connecting with their audience creating bonds with one another, this ia called
a social cohesion.

Whitwell Players (2016) In portraits: Bell and Beast dancing to Miley
Cyrus-wrecking ball with someone swinging in the back ground Facebook.13th
December. https://www.facebook.com/whitwelldrama/videos/1428437590529781/  accessed 10th November 2017



(chesterfield) have three classes for different age groups, these are:

Mini stages (2)(2-4 years old) – The themed
classes are 45 minuets long, each week. This gives the child time to explore
their imagination in creative ways, such as, songs, stories, dance etc.        Their lessons are good for confidence in
young children and can help them to become more confident for when they go to
school and may give them a boost in their education.           Each term is 12 weeks long and will cost £82.50,
Stagecoach also offer a 2-week trail for £12.50 which reserves your place in
the class for the next term.  Early stages (3) (4-6 years old) – The Early
Stages class also participate in singing, dancing and acting.  In the singing lessons the children must
learn new songs, rhythm timing and how the vocals work.  In dance, they learn to be confident in
trying new moves and the drama lessons give them chance to explore different
technique and to use teamwork.                    Their
classes are split into 3 and are 30 minutes long, the terms are 12 weeks
long.  They also run a 2 weeks trail for
Early Stages and it cost £25. Main Stages (4) (6-18 years old) – the lessons
become more complex as the children get older. 
In singing they learn different rhythms, tempos, singing styles and
techniques.  In dance they learn new
routines with styles of pop, street and basic musicals.  In drama they learn all about improvisation
and role play.                       The children are split into groups
of their age so that the attention needed by ages can e given.  They make every lesson different, so the
children/ young adults can experience varieties of skills.  They have three terms a year, within the
first term they learn the new skills and styles, within the second term they
practice what they have learnt so by the third term they can perform to their
parents/ carers.  The have a two-week
performance that costs £50, which last 3 hours each week.  “We
encourage them to take ‘safe risks’ through rehearsals and performance, which
brings out a willingness to take on new challenges. None of us know what the
future holds, which is why it’s so important for today’s children to be
resilient, brave and self-assured.”Stagecoach
theatre arts (2017) About Stagecoach. Available from https://www.stagecoach.co.uk/weekly-classes
accessed on 10th November 2017.Stagecoaches
purpose is to teach and to promote creative arts around the communities.stagecoach
have performed things such as Little Shop of Horrors and Rock of Ages simply to
entertain to premote performing arts in local areas. They have performed acts such
as Les Miserables which is entertaining yet it sends an educating message about
classes and hoe life wasnt always easy and how poor and difficult working class
life was. this links bcak to Joan Littlewood as she wanted to make people
question themselves and make them want to change they way they feel towards
things in life. The
Candy Girls are professional theatre performers who have toured in the West End
and Internationally, they performed Les Miserable at the Place Theatre in
London, Starlight Express at Theatre in Bochum, Germany, Thriller (UK tour),
Magic of the Muscles (UK tour), Abba Mania (International Tour), Spirit of the
Dance (USA tour) and Rat Pack Live in Concert (USA and Inia tour). Their
performances have landed them in some of the best venues around the world such
as, World Forum at The Hague, Global Battle of the Band in Malaysia and The
National Theatre in Bern.   “They have
appeared at several Royal Gala’s (singing for the Queen no less!) and at high
profile events performing for the likes of Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver, Chris
Evans and Donny and Marie Osmond. Individually they have performed alongside
music greats such as KT Tunstall, Marti Webb, Ruthie Henshall, Michael Ball,
Jason Donovon, The Osmond Brothers and The Royal Philharmonic” and many more. The
Candy Girls (2017) The Candy Girls Home about us. Uk: The Candy Girls.
Available from https://www.thecandygirlsuk.com/ accessed 10th
November 2017.They are
a vintage group, vintage meaning they dress like 50’s American girls (as show
below), they are good friends off stage meaning when the preform the love shown
toward each other on stage is true.  They
share a bond through their passion for performance.They are
promoting arts not only through their own community but all over the world,
inspiring people to release themselves from their shells and let loose their
creativeness. The
Candy Girls performed a sing along show based on the 1940’s and the music from
the era, they dressed in WAAF uniforms and called the show wartime. of course
world war 2 was part of life in the 1940’s. they were educating people on what
songs would have been heard when there was a world of fear going on. The were
showing a time of happiness along side a time of horror just like Joan
Littlewood’s ‘Oh What a Lovely War’.  Over all
there is a significant difference between The Whitwell Players and the two professional
groups.  Whitwell helps their community
with the money they raise and they have no professional traits, Whitwell
Players may be looked upon as just fun for 
the children in the community to become more confident, whereas, the two
professional groups use their money to benefit their performances, enhance
their equipment and to expand their companies.                 Bibliography

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